Email Setup

Email setup –  Last Updated: 18 November 2016

Major revision November 2016

To setup your email for your site hosted on

The following is for Outlook 2013 – other cases will be similar.


Account Settings

Go to File>Account Settings>New

Choose Email account then choose Manually configure server settings (at the bottom)

Choose Internet email then enter Internet Email Settings:

Your Name – this shows recipients who the email is from

Email address – this is the address that will be used when recipients hit reply

Server Information

Account Type:  POP3

Incoming (POP3) server: mail. (e.g., or

Outgoing (SMTP) Server: mail. (e.g., or

Logon name: use full email address

Check remember password

Do NOT select Logon Using Secure password authentication. Be sure your user name is lowercase and password has upper or lowercase as required.

Click More Settings

Under Outgoing Server Tab

Check “My outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication”

Note: if your email settings (e.g. on your phone) do not give a “require authentication” option, they may  offer “require sign-in”.  If so, use that option and provide the same user name and password as required for receive.  I needed to do this on my Android phone.

Use same settings as my incoming mail server

Do not check  “Requires Secure Password Authentication (SPA)”

Do not check: “Logon to incoming mail server before sending email”

Under Advanced

Ports: Use incoming POP3 110; or if you are using IMAP- not recommended – select Port 143.

Outgoing SMTP 25 – default.

For secure: Check “This server requires an encrypted connection”.  This will change your POP3 Port to 995 (from 110).

The outgoing (SMTP) port is 465

For “Use the following type of encrypted connection” choose SSL.

If you want to also access email on a separate computer (e.g. work and home), then check

“Leave a copy of messages on the server”. The number of days should usually be small – e.g.

10 days – this is especially true if you have a large number of large emails daily.

Special cases

If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is Bell, Sympatico or Airnet and the above does not work for sending emails, then wherever there is a box that requires outgoing email settings, use your Bell (or sympatico etc) information. You will be setting up to send via Bell and receive by the domain account.

If you have a problem, you will need to call Bell support.

The reason they do this is to minimize the chance that you might send spam from their servers.